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Which sport is more difficult? Golf or Tennis?


Posted by in Sports / Golf on 7/24/10

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cutie122403 - 8/17/10 @ 11:39 PM:
I hate golf but I like Tennis. I do think Golf would be a harder sport.

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gonzo - 8/8/10 @ 7:41 PM:
and ill spank your pastie white ass at some golf any day.
The Boss - 8/9/10 @ 7:12 AM: Ally | Side B
lmao, that would be a site for sure. I can do a lot of things very well but golf is not one of them. Stay out of trouble and maybe you'd enjoy your stay more. I'll try and give you a call later today.

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gonzo - 8/8/10 @ 7:38 PM:
sept 11. NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

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gonzo - 8/8/10 @ 6:44 PM:
tennis is harder physically but golf is so technical. i have no idea why i like playing golf.
The Boss - 8/8/10 @ 7:30 PM: Ally | Side B
You play golf? I thought you only catered to the landscaping? j/k

When are you leaving NC again?

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lynx55 - 7/28/10 @ 6:34 PM:
You must be more physically fit to play tennis. Have you been on a golf course recently? End of argument.

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kaz - 7/24/10 @ 4:08 PM:
tennis is harder sport
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