PIPA and SOPA are a Good Thing

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Censoring the Internet is Bad Idea

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The US Congress will be voting on the Protect IP Act of 2011 (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) next week. Are these bills a good thing or do they threaten what will ultimately lead to the censorship of the internet?


Posted by in Politics / News on 1/18/12
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IMac G-four - 3/31/14 @ 8:35 PM:

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Jeff - 1/18/12 @ 8:38 PM:
Maybe there is a thing as a smart goverment...wait...N/M no theres not but it is good to see some come to there senses.

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The Boss - 1/18/12 @ 7:36 PM:
This is one of those rare moments where not only is the support for this legislation bipartisan, so is the opposition and let's hope the opposition wins out or the internet of tomorrow will be permanently changed for the worse.

It absolutely blew my mind that Marco Rubio co-sponsored the PIPA bill but thankfully he's come to his senses; let's hope more follow suite.

"MIAMI (CBSMiami) - On the same day that thousands of websites including Wikipedia and WordPress have gone dark to protest the Stop Online Privacy Act and Protect IP Act, Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced he was withdrawing his name and support for the bill.

"Congress should listen and avoid rushing through a bill that could have many unintended consequences," Senator Rubio wrote on his Facebook page. "Therefore, I have decided to withdraw my support for the Protect IP Act." " Source: http://www.wtsp.com/news/article/232964/250/Rubio-withdraws-support-of-PIPA

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LIBERAL - 1/18/12 @ 7:25 PM:
I understand that some believe they are simply trying to protect the rights of artists, songwriters, authors etc. by introducing this bill, but it goes far beyond its scope and allows for far too many loopholes. This bill would irresponsibly place powers upon those who shouldn't have it and duties upon others that don't want them. I wholeheartedly believe there is no saying that better applies to this particular bill than "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Passing this bill is not an option. If my President has any sense he will do exactly what I hope he is empowered to do. VETO!!!

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Jeff - 1/18/12 @ 7:07 PM:
Thats all the Goverment is good for is to take away a persons rights or freedoms why worry with the internet? why not figure out how to help the poor or help people get jobs lower gas prices these are the important things that they should focus but would rather focus on things like PIPA and SOPA gee thanks MR GOVERMENT for all your doing to help this Country out....
The Boss - 1/18/12 @ 7:40 PM: Ally | Side B
This like many other situations is a case of powerful lobbies pulling the strings of those they helped get into office. This time it was Hollywood, other times it's been big pharma, green companies, big corporations, etc...

I would love to see a bipartisan effort to fix campaign finance. I see plenty of middle ground that could be met.

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The Boss - 1/18/12 @ 1:24 PM:
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