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We are all bombarded with political ads on the radio and television but how does the politicians performance in the ad affect your opinion of the candidate. If they seem phony or fake does it impact your view?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 7/31/12
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DollyFan - 8/2/12 @ 4:33 AM:
Ads are made to help convince you to vote for someone and to get their name out there. We know that's why they are made and that they may be slanted, so I basically ignore them. I would rather learn about them from what they say in speeches or how they have voted in the past or what they have done or how they have led by example. As for hand gestures, I am one who speaks fluently with my hands! Ryan, maybe you are better off talking with Rick and I through the Internet, so you don 't have to drift off to other thoughts and can concentrate on what we are saying. Lol

Side B Comment

The Boss - 7/31/12 @ 1:27 PM:

I completely understand politicians are not actors (Most of them aren't at least) but if your message comes off as phony to me it does at least to some degree affect my opinion of the candidate. Take for example the video I'm adding to this comment, watch the candidate and his unconvincing conversations and horrendous nodding.
The Boss - 7/31/12 @ 1:30 PM: Ally | Side B
Enough with the talking with your hands; Nancy Pelosi has wore that the hell out.
LIBERAL - 7/31/12 @ 4:00 PM: Rival | Side A
Hey, that's not fair. Some people just naturally use hand movements and gestures when they talk. It's more habit than it is anything. I do it quite a bit. I watched the video and can honestly say that I saw nothing that seemed unnatural about his gesturing, posturing, or otherwise. Don't you think you're being a little harsh? I personally wouldn't vote for him for several reasons, but we all know the number one reason. LOL. I watched the McDonald's video. He did seem more relaxed in that one, and more conversational, but ads are just not a whole determination for me when deciding on a candidate. I read about their policies, their previous voting records, their personal platforms and beliefs. Most ads are just partisan negativity wrapped in an American flag anyway.
The Boss - 7/31/12 @ 4:13 PM: Ally | Side B
Really? You didn't see anything that could be seen as cheesy or phony? Nodding? I may have to pull a behavior specialist; taking with your hands I see as someone whether intentional or not, speaking down to people.

Note: Do not enable video comments or Rick may use extensive hand gesturing. lol
LIBERAL - 7/31/12 @ 5:16 PM: Rival | Side A
LOL. You enable video and I might require a control tower in the front yard for flight clearance.

As for Chuck's ad the people he spoke to could likely have been paid actors or party participants who instructed him to nod as though he were listening intently. The fact is just as you stated, none of them are actors. Like I commented before on the video of him working at McDonalds he seemed more relaxed because they were real situations, and not choreographed pieces of advertisement. I just don't put much stock into political ads like these.

I've always gestured with my hands while I talk. Read the page I provided below. It's pretty interesting.
The Boss - 7/31/12 @ 7:48 PM: Ally | Side B
Well if those studies are true I may curl up in a corner and cry. ;) Hand gestures don't encourage me to interact they actually irritate me. So as I said before I'm in trouble. My mind is a bit odd, as for some reason I can solve complex problems but subconsciously ignore a persons name as I'm being introduced for the first time. Interesting article/research though. I'm sure I may have been more perceptive to hand gestures and motions when I was a young child.

My mind actually triggers an ignore flag when someone uses excessive hand gestures. I either focus on the ridiculous gestures or my mind wanders off on something else but either way some of my attention is taken away from the content of the individual using gestures. Again, this may have something to do with my age, who knows. Just something I've noticed as of recently.
The Boss - 7/31/12 @ 8:03 PM: Ally | Side B
BTW, I rather enjoyed the flight clearance line.
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