Fantasy Football is a Wee Bit Gay

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Nothing Wrong With It. Manly Thing.

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Everyone knows someone who has played it but is playing fantasy football in the same category as dungeons and dragons or is it manly like actually playing the sport of football? A tad bit fruity or an exhibit of manly testosterone?


Posted by in Sports / Football on 8/29/10
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maddy crossie - 7/20/11 @ 8:49 PM:
Sports are boring no we aren't doing sports

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Tomegun - 9/20/10 @ 2:55 PM:
It doesn't require you to sit in front of a computer for hours and get lost in "The World" so it isn't comparable to some games. Then again, I play Madden Football and that does take time.

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Jeff - 8/30/10 @ 6:03 PM:
I played fantasy football once and hated it I'll take D&D any day of the week at least i get to kill things in it.
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