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Who do you believe will honestly lead America back on track? Who will lower unemployment, lower the deficit, cut spending, form great foreign relations, fight for equal rights, and uphold the true values of the Constitution?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 9/01/12
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Jeff - 10/24/12 @ 10:48 PM:
I'm not sure if America will ever be back on track

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mama kaz - 9/21/12 @ 7:28 PM:
I don't know where you're getting your figures but here's some you can validate on government web sites. The new projections show that an additional 2 million people will be forced to pay penalties for not purchasing healthcare. That brings it to 6 million. They also admitted that those making as little as $22,000 per year will be forced to pay this. Last time I checked that is the middle class. We middle class people are being taxed to death right now. Most of these new taxes are being hidden so you don't even realize you are paying them. As long as we're discussing taxes I'd like to point out that Romney's tax returns came out today and showed he actually paid more than he was legally obligated to pay. He also donated more than 4 million to charity.I think the truly needy are more likely to be helped through charity work than they are by the government. Why should anyone be forced to pay for a strangers birth control or abortion when they have a moral problem with it? We live in a system where irresponsibility is generously rewarded. The more kids you have the more money you get. Fix that and we might finally see more people taking responsibility for their lives.
I personally believe that gays should be allowed at least some type of legal union that would give them the rights they are entitled to but I don't think everyone should be forced to accept it if they have a moral problem with it. If the gay population wants to see more tolerance from others they need to show tolerance to those who disagree with them. If we could learn to take the emotion out of issues and just look at facts we could accomplish much more. As far as needing four more years to "fix" this I think you need to consider this. Our countries credit rating has just been downgraded a second time. The spending is astronomical and unsustainable and everyone is going to have to make big sacrifices if we are to have any hope for the future of America. I have never seen a President continue to blame the last one for their entire term. If you want to know where this financial demise really started go back and see who pushed for every American to own a home whether they could afford it or not. This created the need for all that "creative" financing. I'll give you a hint... It wasn't Bush.
I am NOT better off than I was four years ago and I am certainly not rich. I will be voting for Romney not because I agree with everything he stands for but because I think he has what it takes to make the hard cuts that must be made.
LIBERAL - 9/26/12 @ 8:44 PM: Rival | Side A
I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers from, because they differ from every source I've read to date. No one making 22,000 a year or less would be forced to pay this (tax) or penalty. Where is your proof of this? Please actually leave a citation. I will certainly leave a couple for you. The fact is that the only Americans who will pay this tax are those who make 4 times the poverty level or approximately $48,000 for an individual and $98,400 for a family of four. That means that this penalty will have no affect on almost 98% of Americans. Please read the following links I have provided for proof of the facts I have discussed. If you have your own I would appreciate seeing them. I am certainly better off than I was four years ago and will gladly vote for Mr. Obama again.



Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 9/7/12 @ 3:20 AM: Validated Ego
I have no doubt after watching both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions that I have made the right choice. One convention offered nothing but fear, skepticism, and no solutions. The other offered hope, optimism, and the resilience and determination of the American people. You can call President Obama many things. You can call him a socialist, a fascist, or even a communist, but after November 6th, 2012 all of us will still call him Mr. President.

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The Boss - 9/1/12 @ 8:55 PM:
If we are really taking sides based on the description then you would have to be border line delusional to think President Obama has anything but a horrendous track record when it comes to unemployment (Look at unemployment), foreign relations, and upholding the values of the Constitution (NDAA, Guantanamo, Health Care Law).

And if for one second you think he has ANY credibility when it comes to lowering the deficit then it's time to check into the loony bin and please don't attempt to cite that garbage that claims he's spent less than any other president; it's misleading lies passing spending he could have cut onto the previous administration.

It's actually a little ridiculous that even four years later Liberals continue to blame Bush. Apparently by these standards Obama could serve six terms and still not own the economy.
LIBERAL - 9/2/12 @ 1:51 AM: Rival | Side A
Ryan, how can you honestly say those things with a straight face? Really? Unemployment was on the rise every single month of 2008 even before Obama ever took office. Thanks to Obama we managed to get a hold of it and lower it back down to about 8% from its previous 10.8%. Regardless of what you don't want to believe the fact is that Obama HAS spent less than most Presidents in the last 30 years, and yes I will continue to blame the person responsible for this, and his name is in fact George W. Bush. He started the tax cuts, he started the two unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he started the program that allowed hundreds of thousands of more people to be eligible for welfare. You can deny the truth all you want, but it's still the truth. Anyone who actually tries to deny these FACTS are the only ones who need to check into a loony bin. I am extremely glad he started the Health Care Act. It's about time we moved forward on this matter. Am I happy about the individual mandate? No, not particularly, but it's the best step forward at this point. I hope he shuts down Gitmo sooner rather than later, and I do not like the NDAA/AUMF at all, but let's not forget that it was Congress that decided the continuance of the NDAA. Obama simply compromised in order to get the military budget passed. Is Obama perfect? No, but he's certainly the better of the choices, whether you like it or not.

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LIBERAL - 9/1/12 @ 4:37 AM: Validated Ego
For those who may not be familiar with President Obama's many, many, many accomplishments in just 4 years time, here's a couple of links just to remind you of some of them.


The Boss - 9/1/12 @ 9:12 PM: Rival | Side B
It's a bit comical that the description refers to cutting the deficit and then numerous of these so called accomplishments (I'd refer to as failures) listed in the links provided are spending mass amounts of money we didn't have. (AKA, increasing the deficit)
LIBERAL - 9/2/12 @ 2:04 AM: Ally | Side A
I know he increased the deficit. I'm not the least bit naive Ryan, but he is not the cause for its extreme rise. That is the result of both of the unnecessary war residual costs and the inaction of the U.S. Congress for deliberately not passing necessary budget cuts. You can blame Obama all you want, but the truth of the matter is that he is the only reason why we are climbing out of a recession and not lingering in a continued depression.

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 9/1/12 @ 2:46 AM: Validated Ego
I know some of you were just waiting with unbridled anticipation for this rivalry. So, here goes. I believe Obama/Biden will help to do many things for the American public. God knows it will not be fixed in their short terms, but I hope they will get us back on track to fixing the mess that George Bush Jr. and 8 years of detrimental policies and useless wars have left behind. Most importantly I do not believe that the Romney/Ryan ticket has anyones best interest at heart... ...unless of course your household income is over $250,000.00 a year. Then I'm sure you should be quite giddy to see such a reign in politics. I cannot possibly fathom to think of the policies these two would use in order to make things better for the 2% of Americans. The gutting of Medicare, the voucher system of Social Security, the repressing of women's reproductive rights, the stripping of domestic partner's rights, the increase in military budget and subsequent use of military actions into countries we don't belong, and last but not least the raising of taxes on an already stressed middle-class America. Of all the reasons I have to vote for Obama/Biden, they are not nearly as good as those given to me by the Romney/Ryan ticket. Never before have I been so enthused to vote against a particular Presidential candidate than this one... ...and believe it or not, that actually includes George W. Bush.
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