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North Korea - Will Use a Nuclear Bomb

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Kim Jong-il is Nuts but do you think he'll actually strike another country with a nuclear weapon?


Posted by in World / Conflicts on 5/28/09
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Side B Comment

mama kaz - 6/7/09 @ 10:35 PM:
I agree with cyberanto. I hope it's a bluff but am afraid its not.

Side B Comment

ksawyer - 6/6/09 @ 1:44 AM:
Unfortunately, it's just a matter of time before North Korea uses this bomb.

Side A Comment

cyberanto - 5/30/09 @ 9:44 AM:
I voted for "it's a bluff" but not because I believe it is, but because I'm hoping that it is a bluff.

Side B Comment

madhollywood - 5/30/09 @ 4:57 AM:
As I understand it, Kim Jong "Mentally" Il has likely had a stroke. It seems probable to me that there is a real jockeying for power going on behind the scenes which have some scary implications.

If the North Korean regime were to fall, the fat cat bureaucrats living large on the backs of millions of oppressed people living in abject poverty may face some severe repercussions. I think they are all too aware of the international tribunals and crimes against humanity prosecutions which could be right around the corner.

I really can't answer this question with any kind of confidence so I am reluctant to join a side. Yes, yes I know the North Koreans are the masters of the bluff and bluster. However,the bottom line is that desperate people could easily resort to desperate tactics and when that happens god help us all (think long range missiles with nuclear warheads), but especially those on the Korean peninsula which of course includes around 30K US troops.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 5/29/09 @ 9:29 PM:
2012 it came to me in a vision....wait n/m yeah he's crazy as a polecat and I like Big Kaz believes hes a time bomb tick tick tick...BOOM its the when we need to worry with.I also think if we invade that will be his trigger and we need to think about that so what we have here is a rock and a hard place.Like a cornered dog it will attack and thats what Korea is right now....TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

Side B Comment

Natalie - 5/29/09 @ 8:10 PM:
They have no where else to go...they have to use them or be thought of as there own mind that is...
The Boss - 5/29/09 @ 8:16 PM: Ally | Side B
Very good point but they didn't have to take the initial steps of defying the world through multiple acts of defiance. But again, I see your point.

Side B Comment

Ripi - 5/29/09 @ 7:34 PM:
I don't know anything from anything. Kim Jong-il has been characterized as nuts,probably eccentric,self-centered,power hungry. He may bluff at first,but I think he is fully capable of pushing the button.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 5/28/09 @ 10:29 PM:
I think he's a time bomb waiting to go off. I fully expect him to go off the deep end one of these days. Everyone was shocked when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor so I learned something from that. Anything can happen.
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