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Harmful to Children-make it Law!

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Do you find it acceptable when adults smoke in the car with Children? Should someone be pulled over and ticketed for smoking in their car with their kids? Would you vote this into law?


Posted by in Health / Other on 4/04/11

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DollyFan - 7/25/11 @ 10:08 PM:
We've made it illegal to ride in the car without seatbelts because of the danger, so why would it be different to make a law concerning smoking in the car? But, if we're going to have that be a law because of the health risks, then there should be a law against smoking and drinking while you are pregnant. Really these laws could go on and on. But agree that it is an adults right to choose but NOT at the harm of children who don't get to choose. This coming from a non-smoker who's parents smoked in the house and in the car and I had to inhale. Actually, one of our "chores" was to even clean their ashtrays. How sick is that!?!

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maddy crossie - 7/20/11 @ 8:47 PM:
I think No 1 should smoke when they are young

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mama kaz - 4/7/11 @ 11:34 AM:
I detest smoking and even more so around children but I think what we do in our own personal spaces should remain our own business. I have been known to politely speak to parents that I see smoking around children and ask them to please read up on the many health problems they may be putting on their children with their disgusting smoking habit.

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randja - 4/4/11 @ 6:04 PM:
yeah its nasty but it a personal choice , not your business as long as its not in your face so but out! signed ex smoker
The Boss - 4/5/11 @ 3:48 PM: Rival | Side B
Another ex smoker needs to chime in. 100% it's nasty and it's 100% personal choice as long as the only person affected by that choice is the one making it. When a smoker makes the conscious decision to smoke with minors (Especially infants) in the same vehicle that personal choice turns into reckless endangerment and it should be against the law.

I could care less if there's consenting adults in the car as there able to make the decision whether or not to travel in the vehicle with that person. However, children cannot and are being harmed by the very people who are supposed to love and care for them.

Ex Smoker signing out.
cutie122403 - 4/12/11 @ 6:08 AM: Rival | Side B
Actually it is in the kids faces when they are forced to be in the car with their smoking parents. Poor things don't have a choice. To me its equivalent to smoking while you are pregnant.
cutie122403 - 4/14/11 @ 10:45 PM: Rival | Side B
It is in my face and the kids faces! Smokers don't care one bit to blow their smoke all over you! I can't stand it. I purposely make a comment when I am passing one that is disrespectful enough to smoke right by the door of a business, hospital, etc.

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cutie122403 - 4/4/11 @ 10:04 AM:
I have said it before and will say it again in my opinion Smoking is the nastiest most unattractive thing. If they allowed me to vote on banning Adults smoking in the car with their children I would do it in a heartbeat and wouldn't have to think twice about it. Kids unfortunately do not get to pick their parents and they sure can't choose whether or not they will have to inhale smoke in a car because their parents are selfish. I hate seeing this. It makes me sad and disgusted with the parents.
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