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Which station do you listen to more in the Knoxville Market? One has Beck, Rush, Hannity, and the other has Bortz, Ramsey, Savage. 98.7 has a weak signal while 100.3 has a great signal.Does programming beat out signal?


Posted by in Entertainment / Radio on 11/17/10
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mama kaz - 11/29/10 @ 11:48 AM:
I listen to 98.7 but it doesn't come in clearly like it did on 100.3 so it's really ticking me off. I used to listen to Savage but he constantly puts down other talk show hosts and that is a turn off to me. I do love Bortz and listen to him sometimes. I also hate the constant advertisements.

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Jeff - 11/18/10 @ 6:14 PM:
When I listen its 98.7

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The Boss - 11/17/10 @ 8:02 PM:
Before this strange change of hands occurred with 100.3 (bankruptcy of previous company I heard) I loved listening to that station. Since it's become 98.7 I was happy they decided to include Glenn Beck to the programming but two things frustrate the hell out of me; the OBSCENE amount of advertising and the horrible signal quality. I shouldn't have to strap a ten foot antenna on my car to get reception nor should I make it through a third of my hour and fifteen minute drive having to listen to nothing but commercials.

For the time being, the programming wins out BUT the new 100.3 has some programming that is earning my time(I like Ramsey, morning crew is okay but a bit over the top, and on my drive home I could use a little more news with a little less sports.) when I flip over after losing signal of 98.7.

I've heard that 98.7 is operating on a 5,000 watt tower compared to the 100,000 watt tower at WNOX. 98.7 had better do something in the very near future about the signal or they listenership will suffer.
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