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Which one of these websites do you go to for your news? I personally like MSNBC because of it's video player.


Posted by in Business / News on 11/12/08
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The Boss - 5/23/12 @ 8:30 PM:
I vote neither. We sacrificed Fox News to opt in to a cheaper tv package and I've attempted watching MSNBC because it's the only network we get now and after witnessing two Rachel Maddow tv spots I became so nauseated that I couldn't take any more. That and the show I tuned into was sympathetically wishing illegal immigrants a wonderful mothers day. Yes they were publicly promoting illegal immigration. CNN is far more bearable but at least Fox News attempts or pretends to show both sides of the political sprectrum. I'm no fan of Fox because of the biased coverage they gave Ron Paul but they are still leaps and bounds better than MSNBC.
LIBERAL - 5/24/12 @ 8:14 PM: Ally | Neutral
Oh, now come on Ryan. Puuuhhhhlllleeeaaassseee? MSNBC is too liberal, Fox is too conservative. They often choose sides and rarely offer a real non-partisan view on anything. CNN just bores the heck out of me, and actually gets scooped by others so often it's just embarrassing. I don't watch any of these stations because none of them really seem very trustworthy enough to offer differning views or "both sides of a story". It's really quite simple.

MSNBC= Anything Democratic.
FOXNEWS= Conservative/Republican/Tea Party

I actually watch Comedy Central's Daily Show and Colbert Report. They make fun of both sides, and often enough with extremely funny humor. At least I can laugh whilst being totally disgusted. ;-)
The Boss - 5/25/12 @ 4:44 PM: Ally | Neutral
I've never gotten into Stewart or Colbert but have seen a few funny clips here and there. You are right about none of them being trustworthy. While I prefer Fox greatly to MSNBC I take anything gathered from them with a grain of salt. The truth is out there; ....well somewhere.

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Ripi - 1/26/09 @ 7:25 PM:
0 just came across this site..Non-mainstream news.

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MARV - 11/25/08 @ 8:13 PM:
i prefer fox #1. msnbc is last.
Dennis Plucinik - 11/25/08 @ 10:14 PM: Rival | Side A
Fox isn't even real news.
The Boss - 11/25/08 @ 10:35 PM: Rival | Neutral
Dennis, you are full of %%!$& You damn Libs talk down on Fox because they actually cover some conservative points of view unlike the other completely biased networks you're a fan of.
Dennis Plucinik - 11/26/08 @ 11:11 AM: Rival | Side A
seriously you should try and read some real news. Fox is a joke. The only reason you and your conservative buddies love it so much is because they're the only ones who thought that fair and balanced meant covering McCain/Obama as if they were equal. (read: they didn't bash McCain)

Btw MSNBC is entertainment for me, if you think it's my sole source of information then I got sorry news for you jack.
The Boss - 11/26/08 @ 12:43 PM: Rival | Neutral
Last time I checked you don't read the news whens it's televised and If you think Fox is my sole source of information Jack, your off.

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cutie122403 - 11/13/08 @ 6:00 PM:
I watch neither really but I would rather watch MSNBC.

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Dennis Plucinik - 11/13/08 @ 5:39 PM:
Wait what about these:

And you're mad about ACORN filling out voter registrations for Mickey Mouse?

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Dennis Plucinik - 11/13/08 @ 8:59 AM:
When you have one candidate who has considerably less controversy going on around their campaign, to report both as "equal" is neither fair nor balanced.

It is fair and balanced if you thought McCain and Obama were on the same playing field which IMO they were not.

I mean you could always ask the rest of America if they thought both candidates were equal but... you already know what they'd say.

BTW - bring Patron Silver :)
The Boss - 11/13/08 @ 9:42 AM: Rival | Neutral
The reason he had considerably less controversy was because the main stream media buried anything that questioned the almighty one and put anything from the republicans in front of a spotlight.

Ayers, Taking money from Fannie/Freddie, Horrible voting record, relationship with ACORN, less than three years in the Senate, recordings of Obama talking about forming a new constitution and his belief in Socialistic ideals, etc... If McCain had any of these questionable issues the main stream media would have put the noose around his neck.

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Dennis Plucinik - 11/13/08 @ 8:11 AM:
I suppose you think FOX News is "Fair & Balanced"?
The Boss - 11/13/08 @ 8:38 AM: Rival | Neutral
They do lean right but are FAR more balanced than the rest of main stream media. All of the other networks were Obama cheerleaders, it was actually quite sickening.
MARV - 11/23/08 @ 2:33 PM: Rival | Side B

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mama kaz - 11/12/08 @ 9:16 PM:
They both suck but at least CNN has a thread of truth once in a while. Call me crazy but I like to hear both sides of a story.
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