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Long and stressful day, drama at work, problems with the in-laws (Family), cramps, headaches, jerk off boss; whatever the reason for your stress, who is the better listener? Who is more helpful with alleviating the stress? Dog or Lover?


Posted by in Other / Living on 4/30/10

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Olivia Newton - 5/20/10 @ 12:35 PM:
No question about this! Yes, indeed!

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MissBones - 5/4/10 @ 5:41 PM:
Dogs cant talk back all they can do is listen and sometimes you think they totally understand

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mama kaz - 5/2/10 @ 8:04 AM:
Glad you can admit when you're wrong, Mr Kazinec. That's the sign of a real grown up man! My husband doesn't hear me half the time but I have come to understand that it's not because he doesn't care, it's that he is easily distracted. My dog, on the other hand, is a great listener! He worships me and looks at me like I'm God. Then, when my husband get's home, he worships him. That's fine with me because I can only take so much hero worship in a day. It's also good because I too am easily distracted and don't always listen to him. Having a small dog in the house has been good for both of us. It kind of evens out our issue of not listening to each other because we know the dog will be there to hear our problems...

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The Boss - 4/30/10 @ 10:10 PM:
For the record, Crystal I know which side you're going to choose and you have every right to do so. Love you. ;)
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