Mitt Romney Won the Debate

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Barack Obama Won the Debate

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Last night the first of four Presidential Debates (3 President, 1 Vice President) was held. Who do you think won the first debate? Was it a clear victory? If you don’t feel there was a clear winner take neutral side.


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 10/04/12

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The Boss - 10/4/12 @ 5:08 AM:
I was very impressed with Mitt Romney's performance in the debate. For the first time he actually got me a little excited about his campaign. Barack Obama is obviously not nearly as good of a speaker off of the teleprompter and that's not some rude comment, simply an honest observation. Throughout the debate you could see it in President Obamas face that he was really irritated with actually having his Presidency questioned which is something he's been pretty sheltered from considering how biased the majority of the media is.

With that said, the election is still nearly a month away and we have three more debates to go. Something tells me VP Biden is going to have a much harder time debating Ryan than he did with Palin but only time will tell.

In my opinion though Mitt clearly came out on top last night in the debate.
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