Man Made Explosion – Attack on Oil

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Natural Accident Got Bad Real Quick

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The timing of the tragic event has sparked some conspiracy theories that this was a manmade disaster, attack, or sabotage of the Gulf Coast oil platform. Was BP attacked or was it a accident gone real bad?


Posted by in World / News on 5/01/10

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gonzo - 8/19/10 @ 10:10 PM:
after learning how to blow other explosives that need to be destroyed i dont think it would be all that easy. not to mention the fact that it was on the sea floor. i think its just freak accident.

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TNinfidel - 5/5/10 @ 7:07 PM:
It's pretty fishy. I cannot rule out sabotage yet. I wouldn't put it past many environmental radicals.

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mama kaz - 5/2/10 @ 7:43 AM:
I'm basing my opinion on something I heard yesterday but haven't confirmed yet. I heard that this oil platform did not have the safety valve that it was supposed to have. I also think the timing was more than a little strange. I didn't know about the swat teams and that makes me wonder even more.

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The Boss - 5/1/10 @ 7:31 AM:
I will say the one bit of information aside from the timing of this event(One day from earth day and less than a month after President Obama announced the opening up of a significant amount of coastline for new drilling) is the announcement that they were sending SWAT teams to all of the oil rigs on the coast.

SWAT teams? That does make me scratch my head and wonder if there's a lot more that's yet to surface about this oil spill.
LIBERAL - 5/1/10 @ 12:20 PM: Ally | Side B
While I believe that this was in fact a natural tragedy I am also not surprised that SWAT teams were sent to all of the platforms immediately thereafter. In today's society we cannot afford to assume anything. This was more than likely a precautionary measure to secure the rest of our platforms from the "possibility" of further aggressions. As usual though there will always be the conspiracy theorists who try to make something from nothing.
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