I’d Rather Live Longer with Dementia.

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I'd Rather Die Earlier with my Mind

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Is living longer with Alzheimer’s really worth the additional time on earth? Would it be more rewarding to live a shorter life being able to remember it all right to the very end? Is it really living when you can’t remember your loved ones?

Posted by in Health / Mental Health on 2/21/12
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Jeff - 3/5/12 @ 10:47 PM:
You know I would rather die knowing my loved ones than trying to figure out who they are

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LIBERAL - 3/3/12 @ 11:43 PM:
This is just not that tough a call for me. There's no way I'd want to spend another minute on this Earth if it meant not being able to remember a loved one, perform a simple task, or recall my own name. That's just not living to me. Don't get me wrong. I do appreciate the life I've been given, but honestly what kind of life would it be without your mind intact?

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cutie122403 - 2/22/12 @ 9:38 PM:
Wow, very tough! I want to live a long life but i want to remember my life. I wouldnt want my family and kids to see me that way. I guess it would also depend on the level of dementia.

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Sarah Forester - 2/21/12 @ 10:40 PM:
WOW this was a really hard one to choose a side on. =/ I can't help but think of my loved ones in this situation. Not that we really have a choice, but thinking about it makes you look to the future. I have been through this before with loved ones and it is heartbreaking.

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The Boss - 2/21/12 @ 9:31 PM:
This really is a legitimate question that directly affects a significant amount of people. It's certainly easy to sit here as a 30 year and take this side but would likely be quite different if I was twenty years older with the increased odds of developing this illness. Alzheimers is heartbreaking; it's extremely difficult to watch someone you love slowly slip away until there's little left. Regardless, for the time being I'd prefer to go out with my mind in tact; reminiscing on the memories made along the way.

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