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It’s no secret that California is in a heap of crap; unions, regulations, illegal immigration, poor fiscal management, are a few reasons why. Would you bail them out with tax payer money (debt) or would you let them be terminated? Let fail.


Posted by in Politics / Other on 5/10/10
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mama kaz - 6/2/10 @ 9:49 PM:
With the vast amount of wealth that exists in California thanks to the movie industry, the technology industry, and the sheer number of citizens paying taxes, there should be no reason for them to be failing so drastically. Until they do something about the illegals and the massive amount of generational welfare recipients in the state, they will continue to fail, no matter how much money we throw down that deep black hole. Their legislators attempted to make necessary changes and the unions quickly rose up and said, "Hell no!" I spent most of my life there and have many family members who still live there but are starting to wish they didn't. The cost of living is astronomical which is why we left. We couldn't afford the state tax, the vehicle registration fees, (my 1990 Miata cost me almost 400 dollars a year in 2003...) the smog certification required every other year, (about 200 dollars) the power bills, (about 400-500 a month for our 3 bedroom duplex) and the car and home insurance which was way more than here. Property taxes were 2-3 times higher than Tn. And with all those taxes they still can't make ends meet. They can't make ends meet because they are not making smart use of their money and because the system is being drained by too many illegals and welfare recipients. Tennessee at least has the valid excuse of too many low income citizens and low taxes and no state tax. California needs to make changes that won't be allowed because of the unions and extremely liberal politicians who are running the state.

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LIBERAL - 5/29/10 @ 5:13 PM:
It doesn't matter what ails the state of California. There are several different ways in which they can be helped. They should be helped. And for every single one of you who think they shouldn't you're nothing but a bunch of hypocrites! When they handed out millions of dollars to every single state in the United States Tennessee received their fair share. Now all of a sudden it's not okay to use government funds to bail out California? I have never known a group of people so interested in only helping out themselves. You say you want the best for the nation, but all I ever hear is "me, me, me!" You never complained when Tennessee got approximately $1,690 per person. We received more per person than California for God's sake. They only received approximately $1,635. It just bewilders me that you guys claim to want the best for all Americans, but clearly only those states that see "Red" as you do. Complete hypocrisy. If it had been us (Tennessee) instead you'd be crying and moaning for help.

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mama kaz - 5/20/10 @ 11:13 PM:
Bailing them out won't do any good because they will continue to make the same grave mistakes. Their economy is being destroyed by illegals who are draining their resources. Instead of recognizing this fact, they are forming protests to stop reform. Until the good people of California find a way to start electing some common sense candidates they are doomed. It's not earthquakes they need to worry about, it's political correctness and too many people on the welfare rolls.
The Boss - 6/8/10 @ 10:25 PM: Ally | Side A
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cutie122403 - 5/11/10 @ 7:46 PM:
I love the commercials they started showing for California several months ago trying to persuade people to visit. I have been to California several times and there is nothing special about it!
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