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Which operating system do you prefer? Microsoft or Apple. Windows or Mac OS?


Posted by in Tech / Computers on 6/03/09

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gonzo - 1/23/11 @ 3:11 PM:
I was always against the Apple brand until I got my MacBook Pro. It is so easy to use and you can make it super simple or as in depth as youd like. Mama theres even something called parallels that i have uploaded and it runs all my windows programs for me.

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mama kaz - 6/6/09 @ 5:43 PM:
I have never liked Apple computers because they won't make programs that work for anything but their own computers. I think they could be a lot bigger than they are if they had made their computers compatible with everyone else. They do seem to have some great ideas and technology.
Tomegun - 6/7/09 @ 6:45 AM: Rival | Side B
Have you used them very much? They only put their OS on their hardware because they want to make sure things work right - they are concerned about the user experience. The same goes for the iPhone and multi-tasking; they really are concerned with the user experience to the point of too much control. I would think they would make as much money if they just sold their OS and let people put it on any PC, but then they would be like Microsoft. Even though people say Apple is a hardware company that really isn't the case. They use the same hardware that Dell, HP, etc. uses. I'm actually 50/50 on this one. Both have their advantages, but I would prefer to never own a Windows Mobile cell phone again.

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Tomegun - 6/3/09 @ 1:47 AM:
Both companies are gearing up for operating system releases; Windows 7 from Microsoft and Snow Leopard from Apple. I know it is tough for some people to make a choice since both companies do things differently. Microsoft makes operating systems that work with millions or billions of hardware combinations while Apple only puts their operating systems on hardware they sell. Additionally, Microsoft's market share means people are comfortable with their products at work and home. I would say Microsoft has the most powerful marketing ever known to man. They have previously produced half-baked products and used the general public to provide feedback to fix holes in their code. And we keep coming back for more. Microsoft is the only company that can get away with this. Alternatively, Apple has a smaller and "artsy" following. Their devotees are often referred to as "Fanboys" that will always drink the Apple Kool-Aid. Apple fans lean on the saying that Apple computers "just work" as opposed to the seemingly endless maintenance that must be performed on Microsoft's operating systems. Close call, but I'm going with Apple.
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