Keystone Pipeline Extension?

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Should U.S. allow Keystone extension? While temporary jobs and revenue may help the economy momentarily is it really worth the risk to landowners and the environment?

Posted by in Science / Environment on 3/14/12
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The Boss - 3/14/12 @ 7:52 PM: Validated Ego
I'm taking a middle ground currently as I'm not very educated on the pipeline. While I understand the magnitude in jobs and dependence on foreign oil I'm not certain if there are numerous strings attached to the pipeline. I obviously lean more towards allowing the pipeline but when I have more time to research it further I may change sides.

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LIBERAL - 3/14/12 @ 5:32 PM:
While I do understand the temporary repercussions of building an extension of the Keystone project through several states would help with unemployment and the economy I am having serious doubts about the company involved. TransCanada apparently is England's version of British Petroleum. Their track record thus far leaves little to be desired. Not to mention that they have considered lessening the thickness of the pipeline itself, but their practices as well. Apparently they already have had and still have over 30 lawsuits pending with the American justice system with Texas landowners over the issue of Eminent Domain. Seriously? They're not even a company within the United States. They're a Canadian based oil group. How can they argue over Eminent Domain? It just seems really shady to me. The whole reason they wish to extend the pipeline is because environmentalists have argued that placing the pipeline over one of the nations largest underground aquifers could be detrimental to many state's water supplies. Is this really such a good idea to have an oil pipeline routed through an area that has been prone to earthquakes with a magnitude of over 4.0 on the Richter scale? TransCanada has also admitted that most of the crude that would be piped down to Houston refineries and produced into natural gas and oil would be shipped overseas to countries like China. So exactly how much would it benefit the United States to allow this pipeline extension anyway if we aren't privvy to our share of the oil since our laborers and land would be at most risk in the first place? Here is a link detailing most of the information about the pipeline and proposed extensions.
The Boss - 3/14/12 @ 7:50 PM: Rival | Neutral
I fixed it. BTW, I do have plans on implementing a 3 minute or so window to allow users to edit their own comments in the future.

Also, will be adding a url label option as well.
LIBERAL - 3/14/12 @ 8:02 PM: Ally | Side B
Thanks Ryan. Sorry about that. It was my own fault for not paying attention.
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