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With drone strikes killing both enemies and civilians, leaving Guantanamo Bay open, circumventing due process of law, and certain provisions of the AUMF left open for interpretation is Obama really watching out for American's safety?

Posted by in World / Politics on 6/25/12
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LIBERAL - 6/26/12 @ 1:16 AM:
While I am a current supporter of President Obama these circumstances are really making me nauseous.

Let me explain. I want others to realize my true position on this matter.

In America's attempt to keep our country safe even one dead innocent civilian is too many. Especially when it's so avoidable. Drone strikes are clearly an ineffectual remedy to destroying our enemies abroad as they more often lead to civilian casualties. In addition to the loss of innocent lives we also damage what little diplomatic relations we carry within the country we carry out these heinous attacks. Not to mention alienating ourselves from other countries that used to regard the United States as a beacon for human rights protection.

Why is Guantanamo Bay still open? Why are we still torturing human beings in order to gain supposed valuable intelligence? Why are these men and women captured, brought to an American prison, and basically held indefinitely without any due process of law? How can any other country take the American legal system seriously if we don't either? And why, for the love of God, do many Americans think other nations are so barbaric when we cannot even get our own act together? What makes us so f#@%ing special that we feel completely just in our own actions while condemning others in the same breath of the very same conduct?

It was one thing for Obama to sign the NDAA/AUMF in order to get the necessary funding for our military, but entirely another to actually make such flagrant use of it after stating he would have very serious reservations as to implementing it. This really pisses me off!!!

Don't get me wrong. I love the fact that Obama has taken the stance he has on gay marriage. I like the majority of the Affordable Health Care Act. I'm glad he helped save the auto/bank/insurance industries. I'm even satisfied with his attempt to introduce both job and economic stimulus packages. For all of these things I am very proud of my president. So, why tarnish such a great effort with these kinds of acts? Does he really believe these efforts are doing more good than harm for the American people?

The answer is emphatically NO. There is NO justification for what are clearly acts against human rights. There is no justification for disregarding due process of law, whether on American soil or not. If we are to expect others to treat their own citizens with respect and dignity we cannot blatantly deny our own the very same rights. The authorization and use of military force should not be a stick wielded by just one man. Last time I looked we still have a legislative branch known as Congress. If military force is justified then it should be deemed necessary by a majority, not a singularity.

President Obama is not the only person to be blamed. Congress is to blame. Lobbyists are to blame. You are to blame. I am to blame. We cannot point fingers at only liberals, conservatives, independents, etc. The first step in solving the problem is to admit that there is one. Since when did this nation become so complacent as to believe that the government is almighty? They are not. They are not all powerful for one very good reason. Elections. We elect them. Make them answer for their actions. Vote. Send them the necessary message. If you stand for nothing...'ll fall for anything.

LIBERAL - 6/26/12 @ 1:30 AM: Ally | Side B
My previous statements are in no way an endorsement for any political party. It is simply my belief that those we trust with the responsibilities of creating, interpreting, and enforcing our laws and rights should always be held accountable. Dissent is not only our constitutional right, it is often a necessity.
The Boss - 6/26/12 @ 7:34 AM: Ally | Side B
Aside from the items you listed where you are proud of the president (I will be addressing this on the other rivalry when I get a chance to formerly respond.) I agree with your statement. I should note this is where the libertarian in me comes out; on foreign policy and individual rights.
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