Kardashian Marriage = Publicity Stunt

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Just Another Failed Hollywood Couple

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After just 72 days Kim Kardashian called it quits with her basketball star husband Kris Humphries. A marriage of this duration is a joke but was it a scam for publicity or just another Hollywood failure at holy matrimony?


Posted by in Entertainment / Celebrities on 11/09/11
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LIBERAL - 3/6/12 @ 9:12 PM:
I agree with Olivia. I have every belief that Kim was well aware of her intentions from the get-go. Kris was just an unfortunate pawn in her little game.

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Olivia Newton - 11/14/11 @ 2:47 PM:
The Kardashians are just trying to be noticed but I think Kris didn't realize that it was a big hoax.

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Jeff - 11/9/11 @ 9:50 PM:
I agree completely

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cutie122403 - 11/9/11 @ 12:00 PM:
I really don't trust Hollywood and I think this was a Publicity stunt. I always thought they were a weird couple and didn't understand why they were together.

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