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Ok pro wrestling or Baseball if you had to be stuck watching one which one would you pick?


Posted by in Sports / Other on 2/10/09
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Tomegun - 2/26/09 @ 6:50 PM:
Pro wrestling is missing one thing that would make it great: The Rock. I used to watch the whole show just to hear his interview.
AugTheCnqror - 2/27/09 @ 11:12 AM: Rival | Side A
yeah, the rock was my favorite when i was younger, he had the peoples elbow, because thats all it took.

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AugTheCnqror - 2/18/09 @ 3:54 PM:
both sports are full of attitude, steriods, and controversy...the only real difference is the uniforms. wrestling is way more entertaining than good ol' stick ball.

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mama kaz - 2/12/09 @ 7:41 PM:
I used to be a "wrestlerette" in high school (cheerleaders for the wrestling team) but that was nothing like the fake wrestling on TV. Give me baseball anyday.

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Jeff - 2/10/09 @ 11:24 PM:
lol I love you too and im hotter than any of them lmao

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Jeff - 2/10/09 @ 11:23 PM:
When I was growing up I use to love watching the Atlanta Braves(Being from the peach state)but I also grew up watching wrestling on tbs oddly enough same station the Braves we're on....So I love wrestling 50% of the time the thing is I miss the old NWA wrestling more then anything on TV today as Mr Wrestling "Listen hear pal" oh well me and Ryan talked alittle about this already lol

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TattedAngel - 2/10/09 @ 11:22 PM:
Pro Wrestlin all the way baby!!!!!!!!!! Grown up with it..and the new guys just seem to get hotter and a few in particular. lol (I love you honey...lmao)
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