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During a Phillies game versus the Cardinals a teenage fan jumped onto the field and led a high speed pursuit across the outfield. A not so chipper cop blasted him with a taser gun; was this justified or an overreaction to juvenile behavior?


Posted by in Sports / Baseball on 5/05/10
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cutie122403 - 5/11/10 @ 7:54 PM:
I haven't heard this whole entire story but it sounds like the cop overreacted just a little. If the kid was threatening anyone I could see why the cop would have done that. It sounds like he was just being an idiot.

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LIBERAL - 5/5/10 @ 7:05 PM:
Ummm. These types of morons have been doing this for years, ever since games like this became such venues on television. What did we do before the age of tasers? Oh, I know. We caught them and escorted them off of the field. The use of a taser was just simply put, UNJUSTIFIED, and a lazy use of apprehension. Kids will be kids for god's sake. The cop overreacted and used a force that should have been used as a last resort.

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Jeff - 5/5/10 @ 1:19 AM:
Taser is good.
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