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Barack Obama - Second Debate

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Round 2 between the Presidential hopefuls is over; Who Won the Debate (10/07/2008) and Why?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 10/08/08
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tixrus - 10/9/08 @ 11:28 AM:
Just remember y'all McCain was the biggest personal beneffiter of all the Keating - 5. If ur 2 young to remember it, Google it! Leopards don't change their spots. He's saying emotional stuff to get you u to vote for him but if he (God forbid) he wins the election it will be in bed with the big boys as usual.
The Boss - 10/13/08 @ 3:30 PM: Rival | Side A
Not that I condone McCain's role in the Keating Scandal (He was fully exonerated) and this may be comparing apples to oranges but I believe the total amount of money McCain received from Keating is very close to the amount Obama has received from Fannie May employees (Second Highest) and please remember he has only been in the senate for three years and has been receiving money from Fannie May employees for I believe nine years. Lets be honest, either way you look at it, neither candidate is what our country needs.

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cutie122403 - 10/8/08 @ 9:35 PM:
Again, I think that Obama is a better speaker but I will be voting for McCain.

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AvidReader - 10/8/08 @ 7:45 AM:
I agree with Mr. Kazinec. I am a bit pragmatic, and McCain's willingness to work with others as well as not put forth simple but incomplete plans that just don't add up when you do the Math makes me lean this way. Neither candidate impresses me. Our whole political system with Lobbyists and only two parties doesn't seem to be working well, we can't get anything done that makes sense ... in the middle! At least McCain is closer to the middle.
The Boss - 10/8/08 @ 2:34 PM: Ally | Side A
I honestly have been quite frustrated with the fact that we really don't have a solid choice in either candidate. McCain is definitely closer to the middle you are right.

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The Boss - 10/8/08 @ 6:22 AM:
As usual Obama delivered much more eloquent responses but I personally feel that McCain slightly topped Obama with substance. McCain finally took his gloves off (Outside of dirty advertising) and we'll just have to see what the people think about his mild bullying of Obama.
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