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Was it a funny joke or did Letterman cross the line? Who do you side with? Is there a double standard?


Posted by in Entertainment / Celebrities on 6/14/09

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cutie122403 - 6/25/09 @ 8:33 PM:
I really don't like any of the talk shows anyways but he completely crossed the line. What an &$#&%$#.

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Sarah Forester - 6/17/09 @ 5:45 PM:
dave was just being dave. he is a jerk. i have never liked him. Leno rules always has always will... :-)I am getting tired of hearing about all of though. the people outside protesting for dave to be fired is ridiculous, freedom of speech people even if he is a dirty old man. lol

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Tomegun - 6/17/09 @ 1:09 AM:
If Letterman wasn't a cash cow, the network would take some kind of action in the way of a suspension against him...I hope. The guy from the radio (I forget his name right now), who talked about the basketball player's hair seemed to disappear for a while. Maybe old Dave should do the same. It would give him some time to be a real comedian and write some funny material.

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Dennis Plucinik - 6/15/09 @ 6:09 PM:
Palin pulled some kind of word-smithing on Dave to make it seem like he was talking about her younger daughter.
The Boss - 6/15/09 @ 6:40 PM: Rival | Side B
No she didn't. Her younger daughter was the only one at the game and Dave was ignorant enough not to clarify. Either way, it was inappropriate and if it had been said about my daughter I'd beat some ass.
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