Jersey Shore Viewers are Degenerates

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It blows my mind that people watch and follow this utter crap but considering those that do watch MTV's Jersey Shore along with "the Situation" and "Snooki"; are they just a bunch of degenerate swine or just bored seeking entertainment?

Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 2/26/12
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cutie122403 - 3/5/12 @ 11:10 PM:
I couldnt watch 5 seconds of this show and dont see how anyone could possibly find it enjoyable. Its pretty pathetic. I think people need to find more productive things to do with there time. I can tell you my daughter wont be watching this crap!

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Jeff - 3/5/12 @ 10:45 PM:
Im right there with all the above statements

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LIBERAL - 3/3/12 @ 11:38 PM:
All I have to say on this matter is that I would rather endure a 16 hour insurance seminar than a single minute of this mindless and narcissistic waste of time.

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TNinfidel - 2/27/12 @ 3:43 PM:
It's called the dumbing down of America. It is what all the "reality" shows do. I lose brian uh, I mean brain cells just talking about this crap. See what I maen, er, mean?

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The Boss - 2/26/12 @ 5:30 PM:
As a responsible father I will stop at nothing to keep my daughter away from disgusting, fake, filth like Jersey Shore.
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