Jared Loughner Should be Put to Death

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Should Rot in Prison but not Killed

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What would you like to see happen to Jared Loughner? Should he be executed or spend the rest of his life behind bars? Is the murder of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green enough to sway those against the death penalty to support it?


Posted by in Other / Crimes on 1/14/11

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cutie122403 - 1/15/11 @ 1:35 PM:
He is going to sit in prison for years and years before they put him to death but he deserves to die! He will have plenty of time to think about what he did...sadly he doesn't care enough to think about it. He isn't human. I am one hundred and 50 percent for the death penalty.

Side B Comment

gonzo - 1/14/11 @ 9:53 PM:
I think the inmates will have give him plenty to think of for the rest of his life.

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Jeff - 1/14/11 @ 8:20 PM:
I'm not aganist the death penalty at all but I think he should be made to suffer like the parents are now,he should have to sit in prison and watch a video of her birthdays and know shes never going to see another one and have a cake brought and set outside his cell with her name to remind him of what he took and then after 20 yrs of this be put to death.
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