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What would do more to stimulate the economy and create new jobs?


Posted by in Business / Economy on 1/26/09
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Natalie - 5/16/09 @ 5:13 PM:
By investing in ourselves we all win..

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big ben - 2/16/09 @ 9:48 PM:
There is too much to say, but I will attempt to hit the main points. America is going through some very hard times obviously. Many are upset with the republican party and Obama is the evidence of that. I am personally disgusted with government overall. I do not care about left or right anymore, but what I do care about is the traditions and beliefs that are country was founded on. It was hard work, self preserverance, appreciation, and taking your shirt off for your neighbor. It was not what can my country do for me, it was what can I do for my country. This works both ways. I am referring to government. Our government has turbo charged the opportunity to take away our traditions for the sake of socialism. I am disgusted and bewildered. Socialized medicine was sneaked into the stimulus. This will cost our nation the price of superiority. The democrats are also about to go after free speech as we know it with the fairness doctrine enforcement. Conservatives, as my self, will no longer have a way to express themselves. This is a very hard time for true conservatives, but the last thing we want to do is to take away the way we, true conservatives, can get out our aggression. Bottled up anger and hate will expose an ugly head with time. I am shifting my mind set to not give up. I want to begin a new way of thinking and preaching. I want to fight for this country. I will!!! I want to bring back the emotional pride that the first colonies had standing up to the aristrocratic Britian. Remember America! We sailed to the new world for the name of freedom!!!

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mama kaz - 2/2/09 @ 7:54 PM:
Our countries biggest problem is that there are too many people on the payroll. (welfare) Infrastructure jobs would help only if we could get more of the govt dependent people to take the jobs and share some of the tax burden. Our govt has created such a huge group of consistently non working people that there's no room for fluctuations in the group of people who normally and consistently work. Now that we're seeing these unemployment numbers rise at such an alarming rate among taxpaying citizens I don't know what will happen and neither does anyone else. We're on uncharted ground.

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Dennis Plucinik - 1/26/09 @ 11:53 PM:
if we weren't having levys breaking, power grids going down, bridges collapsing, etc. then I might side with you Ryan but even then I'd probably cite Palin's super-bridge as my reasoning.
The Boss - 1/27/09 @ 6:00 AM: Rival | Side B
If local bureaucracies used their tax revenue in a wiser manner a lot of these "levis" wouldn't be breaking.

I ask you this Dennis, what good is infrastructure if no one has any jobs to put gas in the tank, to purchase cars, to pay utility bills?

Circuit City, Linens & Thing, Sharper Image, Comp USA, KB Toys, Goodys Family Clothing, to just name a few of the larger companies going out of business.

If we keep this up the only jobs that will be left are the jobs Obama is creating for infrastucture repairs/upgrades. I can't wait for Government to control every aspect of my life.

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Ripi - 1/26/09 @ 7:07 PM:
From all I've read..infrastructure building and repairs is what will put people to work,$$in their pockets. our existing infrastructure DOES need repairs. We have enough retail outlets of all kinds. Get the $$ in the pockets first.
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