I’m Growing Tired of Griping Unions

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Shame On Protests are a Good Thing!

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It seems every time I drive down the street there is another Shame On labor dispute banner with one or two lounging union members reading a book. Is this a great form of freedom of speech or are these unions behaving like children?


Posted by in Business / Other on 2/12/11

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mama kaz - 4/7/11 @ 12:01 PM:
My husband is a union retiree but we clearly see how corrupt unions are. We need to fight them and fight them hard, especially now that the government is in bed with them.

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big ben - 2/20/11 @ 8:38 PM:
The bottom line is that unions are fat cat contributors to politicians and in return the unions get legislation in their favor. The unions at one point in time during the industrial revolution and beyond served their purpose. Now they have just become another lobby group buying out our politicians. Finally, many Americans are suffering with the intentional destruction of the US economy. Everyone needs to take an equal burden of the ailing economy. In other words, why should civil servants get special treatment while the other americans are losing their hours and jobs and benefits? If it was up to me we should go back to volunteers protecting sub divisons etc. before the mandatory increased tax burden on the private middle class of America. If you are wondering why I am bringing up civil service, it has nothing to do with lack of respect. It has everything to do with the situation in Wisconsin and the fact that the middle class of America is suffering in proportion much more than the civil servants and their retirement funds. Sorry, i respect the civil servants but have no room in my heart for sympathy when my family and I are struggling. Good day unions can stick it!@

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Olivia Newton - 2/18/11 @ 12:17 PM:
Unions were a good thing a long time ago, and then they became corrupt, of course. It's time for companies to make their own rules, set their own wages, and kick unions out the door!

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cutie122403 - 2/14/11 @ 4:01 PM:
Couldn't these people be doing something more productive with there time? Every time I go to visit my mom I pass by the College and there is ALWAYS someone there!
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