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Breaking Privacy Boundaries

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Does Google's new targeted ads go to far or is it a great way to place relevant ads in front of consumers?


Posted by in Tech / News on 3/23/09
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Side A Comment

Natalie - 5/16/09 @ 5:05 PM:
Everything you do on the internet is logged somewhere...you are not going to have privacy on the internet. It is not a human sending you ads it is just a computer finding something that might interest you. I would rather have that then something that I couldn't care less for...cheaper too..

Side B Comment

Ripi - 3/24/09 @ 2:51 PM:
Ive read a little on what Google has planned for the future...No one should have that ability. It is invasive, not necessary, not nice,get-out-of-my-face Google.
The Boss - 3/25/09 @ 8:52 PM: Ally | Side B
Very well put Ripi. It is getting scary invasive.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 3/23/09 @ 4:07 PM:
If you're not sure on what this rivalry is about here is a link to some information on the new ad system.
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