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Which would you rather see happen, either hyperinflatin or bankruptcy. Pick one cause one of the two is gonna happen.


Posted by in Business / Economy on 7/09/11
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Neutral Comment

Jeff - 7/21/11 @ 3:07 PM:
Im in the middle as well

Neutral Comment

cutie122403 - 7/11/11 @ 5:28 PM:
That's a tough one. I wouldn't want either one to happen but I agree that either one will most likely happen.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 7/9/11 @ 7:54 PM:
I'm forced to take a Neutral stance because frankly both may be inevitable. For one, we're already broke as a nation. We have no money as is proven each time the all noble FED orchestrates quantitative easing. And with the money we've already printed and wasted with the failed stimulus bill(s), bank bailouts, car company bailouts, etc... hyperinflation could be just around the corner. We're screwed nonetheless.

Side B Comment

metaplane - 7/9/11 @ 5:23 PM:
Shortly after Aug. the 1st, one of the two is gonna happen, hyperinflation means we get to pay even more and the other means we get to start over.
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