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Which game do you prefer playing ?


Posted by in Entertainment / Video Games on 9/22/08
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Side B Comment

mama kaz - 11/12/08 @ 9:27 PM:
I like Keno because I don't have to think or make decisions and I can win money by just paying attention for a few minutes.

Side A Comment

mikka - 9/25/08 @ 6:57 AM:
Blackjack - Love the iPod version and its free too :P
I have a keno which is not as much fun.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 9/22/08 @ 10:26 PM:
Dealer, I'd like to split my hand.

Side A Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 9/22/08 @ 10:11 PM:
Blackjack + iPod = sweet
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