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The Pope says Shroud of Turin authentic burial robe of Jesus,what do you think is it real or a fake?


Posted by in World / Other on 5/04/10
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TNinfidel - 5/5/10 @ 7:00 PM:
Relics were faked on a regular basis when the shroud was made (according to radio carbon dating). They brought in lots of money for churches back in day. And besides, anyone notice the face looks really strange? The "artist's" work left much to be desired.

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LIBERAL - 5/5/10 @ 5:45 PM:
I'm just very skeptical about this one. What proof do we really have other than the assumption that the "face" that seems imposed upon this shroud is similar to what we believe Jesus looked like? This could have been anyone for all we know.

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Jeff - 5/4/10 @ 2:23 PM:
You know I'm really on the fence on this I just don't know.
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