GOP Has Moved Too Far Left

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GOP Has Moved Too Far Right

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According to Colin Powell the GOP has moved too far to the right. What's the truth. Too far right or left?


Posted by in Politics / Parties on 6/10/09

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Tomegun - 6/11/09 @ 8:12 AM:
Ryan, I'm just rollin with Colin (say it out loud, it rhymes). You seriously have a hang up with Obama huh? I know the faults of man going in and would compare no man to God.
The Boss - 6/11/09 @ 8:38 AM: Rival | Side A
This is the only reason I said that.
Tomegun - 6/12/09 @ 1:41 AM: Ally | Side B
I've seen that article and think the whole thing is stupid. If someone is dumb enough to really worship anyone/anything, like Obama, Bush or the Republican party, that says something about them.
The Boss - 6/12/09 @ 5:18 AM: Rival | Side A
I agree completely.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 6/10/09 @ 8:46 PM:
This is where you have to question Colin Powells credibility. In my opinion his comments make him no better than the pathetic fool that is Arlen Spectre. It is so damn obvious the GOP has moved way too far to the left. They've done what they feel as compromised and that's exactly what has killed (critically wounded) them. Bush spent like a liberal and we nominated the most liberal republican in the senate to go against God (Sorry, I mean Barack Obama).
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