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No Way! Keep Social Security As IS

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Social Security is broke and without corrective measures will go bankrupt. If you were given the option to no longer (forever) be garnished the Social Security tax would you be willing to forfeit your contributions? Age probably matters.


Posted by in Politics / Other on 7/15/11
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big ben - 8/4/11 @ 8:39 PM:
I would consider ending payments to system. This would have to be after I was paid back every penny with interest that I had put into system over the years. The reason I would consider this is because the government has no control over the private federal reserve bank who collects money from us via IRS. The bank has no transparency and can do whatever they want and spend money on whatever war or foreign aid they want. You could see this in the banking bailouts and current 3 wars we are in. They create the money out of thin air and send it to the treasury with interest repayment due back or they send it directly and secretly overseas to any bank with their little hands open like Greece. God knows what other secret deals they do behind close doors. Our own government cannot even audit the damn thing. IN a nut shell why should I trust the government with my money when they dont even have power over our central bank. You know what happens when you dont pay the armed colletion arm of the Federal Reserve! You get in trouble! What happens when our treasury and the NON-federal NON-reserve create more money than what they get from the physical economy? They just create more out of the clouds and raise the debt ceiling which in return gives us all the hidden tax of inflation. They than have the ballskies to ask us to cut social security after years of putting their hands into the SECURE social security fund. Dont forget though, foreign aid and wars are more important than grandmas medical care and retirement. PUKE ME OUT!

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DollyFan - 7/25/11 @ 10:32 PM:
I would agree to stop paying in. I am currently paying into a borken program and won't see anything come back to me when I retire, so I may as well stop contributing and have the money for myself to invest as I see fit and try for a better retirement. It may be a lose-lose situation but COULD be a lose-win situation.

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The Boss - 7/15/11 @ 9:11 AM:
This is an obvious hypothetical question but I would strongly consider forfeiting my contributions to guarantee I no longer had to pay into a broke program that I don't like regardless of it's status. Forgive me for not being a fan of the government forcing me to do anything.
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