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Should Tax Oxygen as Well

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if our government decides to tax carbon dioxide with cap and trade and copenhagen, should they tax oxygen too?


Posted by in Science / Environment on 12/09/09
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Jeff - 12/9/09 @ 10:09 PM:
lol whats next?

Side B Comment

big ben - 12/9/09 @ 9:18 PM:
I am bringing up this point because the idea of taxing Co2 is absolutely ridiculous to me. The plants breath C02 for the love of harmony! If Al Gore is going to get rich promoting the political and personal agendas that result in extreme wealth, why should I not introduce a campaign to brainwash society how harmful excess O2 is? Do not get mad at me damnit! This is free enterprise in a free society, right??

Side A Comment

The Boss - 12/9/09 @ 9:17 PM:
If cap and trade passes the environment is going to be the least of our concerns. I will say that nothing would surprise me with the Obama administration. If it was possible they wouldn't hesitate to tax us on the air we breathe.
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