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Six Flags theme parks are expensive as it is but is it worth it to spend the extra cash for the "Flash Pass"?


Posted by in Entertainment / Other on 8/05/09

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gonzo - 8/27/09 @ 7:20 PM:
Sorry Mom but the flash pass was the greatest thing ever. Kazzy liked it just to see all the angry faces on the people waiting for hours on end. hahaha
The Boss - 8/28/09 @ 5:04 AM: Ally | Side A
You're damn right! Capitalism at work....Uh oh, my Republican extremism is showing again.

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cutie122403 - 8/10/09 @ 1:55 PM:
It is so worth the money. You can get on all of the rides several times. We went to six flags this past week and the longest we ever waited was 15 minutes.

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Jeff - 8/6/09 @ 9:58 PM:
Been to 6 flags in ATL and stood in line wishing I had one of those passes me and my son was going to ride the superman and the wait was 3 hours and I said no way.

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mama kaz - 8/6/09 @ 7:43 PM:
I would stand in line and spend the money I saved on yummy food. I actually like standing in line because it gives me an opportunity to chat with strangers and I've met some very interesting people that way.

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Tomegun - 8/6/09 @ 8:20 AM:
Now that I know what it is I would get one in a heartbeat. Waiting in line is the worst part about going to an amusement park. The only question I have now is how many other people do the same thing. If too many people pay for them, is there really a benefit?
The Boss - 8/6/09 @ 11:09 PM: Ally | Side A
I can't speak for other parks but there was literally just a handful of people who purchased the fast passes at the park we attended. It would lose some of it's value it too many people purchased it. Let's just say the longest we waited in line was 10 minutes but averaged 5 minutes per ride.

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Tomegun - 8/5/09 @ 11:14 PM:
I chose my side just so I can ask what a flash pass is.
The Boss - 8/6/09 @ 6:00 AM: Ally | Side A
It's an extra item you can purchase in addition to the regular park admission at Six Flags theme parks. It costs roughly the same as a ticket so it can get pricey but it enables you to skip to the front of the line on most of the rides offered at their parks. It also allows you to reserve the best seating at any of the events offered at the parks such as the Killer Whale show at Discovery Kingdom.

We've been on vacation for the last six days and took advantae of the flash pass and let me say it was certainly worth every single penny. We were in the park for about five hours and got to ride roughly 18 rides and attended three shows.
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