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How do you enjoy the great outdoors? Fishing or Hunting?


Posted by in Sports / Other on 9/16/08

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gonzo - 8/19/10 @ 10:03 PM:
i still want to go hunting for animals and stuff.

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Jeff - 1/10/09 @ 11:32 AM:
Use to love hunting but as I got older I turned to fishing when I get to go mostly with my dad when I get to see him.

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mama kaz - 11/3/08 @ 10:46 PM:
I have to go with fishing because I'm so tired of stupid, irresponsible hunters who fire their guns so close to my property. I can't even think of walking in the woods around here during hunting season. I have been snagged by a fishing hook but lived through that. That being said, I am a gun owner and would hunt if I was hungry and couldn't buy meat at a store but not for recreation.

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cutie122403 - 9/17/08 @ 2:00 PM:
I love fishing. I have never been hunting but I would never be able to kill an animal.
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