Tiger Was Injured in Accident

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Mrs. Woods Beat Him With a Golf Club

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Was Tiger Woods injured in his accident or was he beaten by his wife for letting his driver/wood out of his golf bag?


Posted by in Sports / Golf on 12/01/09

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cutie122403 - 12/29/09 @ 11:37 PM:
She definitely beat the crap out of him and he deserved every bit of it. He has ruined his entire life.

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mama kaz - 12/6/09 @ 11:41 AM:
I think she put his golf clubs to good use and it sounds like he had it coming. I would have aimed a little lower.

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Tomegun - 12/4/09 @ 9:26 AM:
This was obvious from the start. Are there any pictures of his driveway on the internet? I would bet seeing his driveway would make this even more obvious. It is probably like a 4 lane highway.
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