Ebola is More Contagious than Claimed

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Ebola Not Airborne. Under Control.

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The CDC, state, and federal governments have gone out of their way to proclaim Ebola is not a crisis in the US. They've also claimed it's not airborne but developments this morning regarding a healthcare worker add to the speculation that Ebola is indeed airborne and much more of a threat to the US than the government agencies are claiming.


Posted by in Health / Diseases on 10/12/14

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LIBERAL - 11/20/14 @ 2:38 PM:
I think it is very much obvious now that many in the media played on the public's fear for ratings purposes. If Ebola had been airborne would it not have been safe to assume that more west African countries would be effected? Instead it is just the opposite. Several countries have now eradicated this virus. Currently there are no cases of Ebola in America.
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