Disrespectful to those Lost. No Way.

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Let them Build Mosque at Ground Zero

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The American Society for Muslim Advancement is attempting to build a 13 story mosque and cultural center in a building that was damage by a jet fuselage at ground zero. (Opening date 9/11/11 ?) Should this be allowed to happen?


Posted by in Other / Religion on 5/18/10
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TNinfidel - 6/17/10 @ 1:14 AM:
Considering islam was founded by a mass murdering pedophile and that islam does in fact condone killing non-believers, islam should not even be allowed to exist in the USA or the world. Some may think that is harsh but take a look at their pedophile prophet muhammad's little book of hate (the quran)some time.

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Olivia Newton - 6/2/10 @ 9:27 PM:
Considering that Muslims killed 3,000 Americans and then laughed and danced in the streetd, I find it difficult to understand why this project passed with a 29-1 vote. To me it sounds like money exchanged hands in order for this decision to be made! A neighbor of ours married a 'good, gentle Muslim man' and he began to beat her on a regular basis as soon as the marriage took place. These Muslims believe they have a right to make their wives passive and submissive. I say let's have strong legislators who are willing to stand up for America pass a law that no Islamics be allowed to immigrate into our country. To see what havoc they cause, check out the European countries which have been overrun with Muslims, whose motto is 'become Islamic or die'. Why on earth would we smile and encourage a Mosque ANYWHERE in America?!

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mama kaz - 5/30/10 @ 10:53 AM:
There are a lot of good Muslim's in this country and around the world. However, many Muslim's are full of hate and contempt for all of us as they have demonstrated time and time again. Allowing them to do this is a mockery and I cannot believe it's seriously being considered. My sister is a flight attendant for American Airlines. She could have been on one of those planes. It was Muslim men who killed all those innocent people. They trained here and seemed like good people to those who had associations with them. A close friend of mine married a Muslim man who seemed to be the most wonderful person you could ever know. Then one day he had their son at the airport and was getting ready to take him out of the country without my friends knowledge. If it hadn't been for a tip from a friend of theirs, she may have never seen her son again. She never saw it coming. He seemed like one of the good people living among us. My point is, we must profile in order to stay safe. It's unfortunate for the kind and gentle Muslims living among us but many of their own people hate enough to kill innocent people. They would NEVER allow us to build a similar thing on their soil and we should not allow it here.

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Olivia Newton - 5/19/10 @ 6:35 PM:
I've been to several meetings here in Atlanta, opposing plans for a Muslim mosque to be built in my neck of the woods, and I adamantly oppose a Mosque being built on Ground Zero!! It is horribly disrespectful to all the Americans who died there! In fact, I object to any Mulim 'anything' being built in this country, except a very large cemetery! Am I prejudiced? You damn right I am!
The Boss - 5/19/10 @ 7:11 PM: Ally | Side A
Well I don't think anyone can claim that you lack honesty.

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The Boss - 5/18/10 @ 7:09 PM:
I need to note that this building is two blocks from ground zero but that is still far too close in my opinion.

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LIBERAL - 5/18/10 @ 12:52 PM:
I have to agree. It is very insensitive to those who lost loved ones on that fateful day to have a symbol of the religion for which the attacks of 9/11 were based upon sitting smack dab in the middle of the ruins of the World Trade Center. Why not just build an Aryan of the Brotherhood Center in Selma, Alabama or a Catholic Church in the middle of downtown Tehran? Because you just don't do it. It's insensitive to those who live there and have deep seated feelings or objections to certain beliefs. The idea of building a Mosque in the middle of ground zero was just a terrible idea that never should have been considered.

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The Boss - 5/18/10 @ 7:40 AM:
Ney York Post article about the Mosque: (May 13th, 2010)
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