Gov Walker Unfairly Attacking Unions!

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Wisconsin Public Unions are Spoiled!

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Governor Scott Walker has apparently won the fight against the protesting unions and AWOL law makers but who do you side with? Is Gov. Walker unfairly attacking unions or are public unions spoiled with pay,benefits, and expectations?


Posted by in Politics / News on 3/03/11
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mama kaz - 4/7/11 @ 11:49 AM:
The only thing the union my husband retired from has done for us is take away what was promised. We got half the retirement he was supposed to get and none of the medical benefits. They raised our deductible to 10,000 per person after he retired. We all need to bear some of the burden that has been forced upon us by the bad decisions our lawmakers have made. Isn't that what liberals are always shouting from the rooftop? Why should union members have it better than the average Joe? Times are hard and going to get harder.

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TNinfidel - 3/7/11 @ 6:44 PM:
I left a nice comment for the smoking hot, classy beauty you featured above on her/its Flicker page. Man, it's fun to stir the pot. :o)
The Boss - 3/13/11 @ 3:48 PM: Ally | Side B
It just so happens that she has made the image she formally distributed as commercial creative commons private. So you can no longer view the image on Flickr. For the record it WAS creative commons commercial 2.0 when I started this rivalry.

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TNinfidel - 3/7/11 @ 6:02 PM:
Uh, I'm not sure this is "family friendly". F a g g o t r y seems a little tame compared to the one finger salute...
The Boss - 3/7/11 @ 7:21 PM: Ally | Side B
I am forced to see your logic. Duly noted but I still like our language filter.

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Olivia Newton - 3/7/11 @ 5:49 PM:
At one time unions played a very important part of American industry, but they have gone overboard. I agree with Governor Walker.

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The Boss - 3/3/11 @ 7:00 PM:
As a FORMER union member I for one am growing VERY sick of over-expecting and in many instances over-paid union members griping about any possible cuts, benefits expense increases, or anything else that negatively affects them. Unions are not immune from down turns in the economy, especially those funded by tax payers.

I love public servants who realize they actually server the public. One of the few entities as corrupt as the US government is union leadership (not members, some of which are hard working Americans which I respect.). Wake up and move beyond the political propaganda union's send out to their members.
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