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Deliberately out of touch

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Much ado about nothing? What did he really mean? Romney ads only play part of this speech. Why not play the entirety? Because it's easier to lie and take an out of context comment in order to make the other candidate look bad? You decide.

Posted by in Politics / News on 7/27/12
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Side A Comment

DollyFan - 8/2/12 @ 4:46 AM:
Obviously taken out of context. Although, anymore, every campaign seems to turn into more and more people stating that they don't care for either candidate or that we just have to choose between the less of two evils. Will we ever get back to actually feeling good about oabout a candidate?

Side B Comment

The Boss - 7/28/12 @ 9:38 AM:
The only ad I've seen plays the whole comment, not just the words played in red in the top video. It is very similar to the Joe the Plumber situation where President Obama simply has a different view of the role and impact of government than do people like me. His whole comment discusses me as does John Stewart.

Signed, Definitely not a Mitten
LIBERAL - 7/28/12 @ 11:28 AM: Rival | Side A
I agree that Obama has used this situation before, but when he did it he used it to show a different perspective on how he believes. He didn't just chop and edit a speech to try to make it sound as though he meant one thing when clearly he meant another. That's exactly what is being done here with Obama's speech. It has been deliberately edited to appear to people as though it means something terribly bad when in contrast it actually doesn't. I just find it humorous that so many of these edits do NOT show the entire speech, especially where it states what his "point" actually is instead of the point they're trying so desperately to make.
The Boss - 7/28/12 @ 11:35 AM: Ally | Side B
I understand what you're saying and will admit that situations like the video where Obama says "My Muslim Faith" is out of context and irrelevant but I personally have a problem with the intended point he was making and disagree with him on his view of the role and impact of government.

It's as simple as that.
LIBERAL - 7/28/12 @ 11:42 AM: Rival | Side A
Well, because I know he's a liberal and I am too I have the same views he does, but I do want to point out though that I don't believe that's what this particular speech was about. It simply mentions that in some part government does play a role in the success of a business, but not entirely. You don't owe everything to the government. He knows that. I know that. That's just not the point here. The point is that everybody gets a little help from somewhere in order to make a business successful whether they realize it or not.
LIBERAL - 7/28/12 @ 11:59 AM: Rival | Side A
I also found it very humorous that several of the Romney ads show a particular businessman who is complaining about the Obama statements "you didn't build that", and goes on to state that he personally built his company from the ground up. Which he did, and kudos to him, but it was also revealed later through investigations that he had built his company from the ground up with over $700,000 in government subsidized loans. Although he should be very proud of his company and his success I find it very contradictory of him to act as though he received no help whatsoever in his endeavor. Although we don't need or want government hands in every thing we do, sometimes it does help rather than hinder. I believe that was the point President Obama was really trying to make during his speech.
The Boss - 7/28/12 @ 12:14 PM: Ally | Side B
Subsidies are a joke. It's government simply attempting to pick winners and losers. Solyndra anyone? Some arguments could be made for some subsidies being relevant but a majority of them are political tools and government intrusion into the private sector.

I do find it scary that those who oppose Mr. Obama are instantly investigated by the liberal powers to be. I remember the same thing occurring with Joe the Plumber. I'm sure you'll highlight where the GOP has done something similar but I can't think of anything recently.

If true, that gentlemen should feel like a horses ass for appearing in the ad, regardless of whether he's a Romney supporter.This would be like a business owner claiming venture capitalist investments had nothing to do with his/her success only to find out they received a massive amount of VC money.

Again, the core of the disagreement is the appropriate role of government and much like pro life, pro choice this is going to be something liberals and conservatives will NEVER agree on.

LIBERAL - 7/28/12 @ 12:25 PM: Rival | Side A
LOL. Then we will just agree to disagree. You are right. I could point out many times the GOP has done the same thing to liberal/democratic supporters. Although I look at it more from a standpoint of factchecking than investigating I guess.

Neutral Comment

Sarah Forester - 7/28/12 @ 12:28 AM:
I vote neutral because they both have done this. This campaign is dirty I am not a fan of either candidate. Really hard time for me to be a proud American.
LIBERAL - 7/28/12 @ 12:34 AM: Rival | Side A
I don't like it. You're right. They've both done it. I just find this particular out of context hilarious because so many of the conservative pundits jumped on the bandwagon when they knew very well what he had actually said. I expect both to play this game, but journalists should know better.

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 7/27/12 @ 11:49 PM:
I don't have to say a whole lot about this. Click on either picture above for video links. One is the Daily Show with John Stewart picking the speech apart vs. the edited "you didn't build that" speech that Romney's camp uses in order to build an entire campaign platform. Good luck Mittens. I'll also list the links below.
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