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Downloadable Content Will Kill cd’s

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With the rise of Mp3 players, smart phones, cloud servers and the connectivity to literally play your music anytime, anywhere; will the compact disc survive? Or will it eventually be eradicated by the advancement of technology?


Posted by in Entertainment / Music on 10/07/11
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Side B Comment

TNinfidel - 10/11/11 @ 5:20 PM:
Oh yea, I usually put movies and music on a USB flash drive. I will burn a CD to listen to in my vehicle but, it's only because I don't have a USB port on my receiver.

I have a port on my DVD player and use it a lot so, I'd say DVD's are toast as well. It's just a matter of time like the cassette tape.
The Boss - 10/11/11 @ 7:06 PM: Ally | Side B
What about blurays? I think those are here to stay for a while due to the capacity they carry.
TNinfidel - 10/11/11 @ 7:55 PM: Ally | Side B
When large capacity USB flash drives catch-up with Blue Ray economy it will be the end of the Blue Ray. The large capacity flash drives are not economically feasible at this time for many. However, many Ipods and other mobile devices have storage capacity that far exceeds the Blue Ray and readily interface with USB ports.
The Boss - 10/11/11 @ 8:29 PM: Ally | Side B
Currently the blurays hold 25gb and 50gb respectively but I've read about quad layered blurays that are holding 100gb's a disk. It will be quite away in the distant future before flash drives or memory cards are affordable enough in that size range.
TNinfidel - 10/11/11 @ 10:12 PM: Ally | Side B
Yes, it will be a while but it will eventually happen. Blue Ray's days are numbered as well.

Side B Comment

TNinfidel - 10/11/11 @ 5:15 PM:
Side B might be more appropriatelty be called "downloadable content". I haven't bought a CD in well, hell, I can't even remember the last time.

Arrgggggg. ;)
The Boss - 10/11/11 @ 7:05 PM: Ally | Side B
Good suggestion. Title changed.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 10/7/11 @ 7:58 PM:
Oh yeah their history no doubt...gosh im gonna miss them :)

Side A Comment

Sarah Forester - 10/7/11 @ 7:05 PM:
well my hubby and i may be alone, but we still buy cd's. We sometimes download music as well but always buy our favorites on cd. If i had a newer car or stereo in my car i may be persuaded to buy less cd's, but who can say for sure.
Sarah Forester - 10/7/11 @ 7:06 PM: Ally | Side A
I meant to say car or stereo with ipod connect. =)
The Boss - 10/7/11 @ 7:24 PM: Rival | Side B
Bad news..... You two are alone on this one. Last cd I bought was nickelback and it was the album two before the most recent one.
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