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Playoffs are Bad Idea. More Injuries.

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Starting in 2014 College football will see a four team playoff for the title of national champions. Is this a good idea that truly represents the champions of each season or just a new vehicle to increase the number of player injuries?


Posted by in Sports / Football on 8/24/12
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Side A Comment

mama kaz - 9/21/12 @ 8:21 PM:
Count me in! The real winners are the teams that win during the play offs. That's when the rubber meets the road and the true champions rise to the occasion.

Neutral Comment

Jeff - 8/24/12 @ 2:19 PM:
i dont even like college football so it dont matter to me lol but i think theres enough playoffs as is and how many dang bowl games do they need and now adding more playoffs geeze.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/24/12 @ 2:08 PM:
I've heard it both ways and while I understand the argument of an increase in injuries if the players are forced to play more with less rest time but let's be realistic; it's the best approach to truly crown the best team in the nation. Personally I'm looking forward to the new playoff system.
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