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ESPN has no equal on TV, but which website is better for sports news?


Posted by in Sports / Other on 6/11/09

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The Boss - 6/11/09 @ 8:36 AM:
I've never even heard of I guess I'll have to take a look.
Tomegun - 6/11/09 @ 11:10 AM: Rival | Side A
You probably aren't missing much. Most of their headlines are exactly the same as if the same writer is writing them. However, Peter King's column, Monday Morning Quarterback, is worth reading.
The Boss - 6/11/09 @ 11:36 AM: Ally | Side B
For some reason I haven't been into sports lately. I used to watch the Sacramento Kings and San Francisco Giants religiously when I lived in California but have lost interest. I do enjoy watching the Vols play.

Side A Comment

Tomegun - 6/11/09 @ 8:21 AM:
I'm siding with CNNSI because that has been my home page (1st tab) for years, but I'm thinking about jumping to The fact that Sports Illustrated abruptly stopped my subscription and I just subscribed to ESPN the magazine doesn't hurt either.
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