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Barack Obama isn’t the first president to sit down with evangelist Billy Graham but what is the true nature of this meeting? Is it strictly a photo op for the president or does he legitimately care what Mr. Graham has to say and offer?


Posted by in Other / Religion on 4/26/10

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Olivia Newton - 5/20/10 @ 12:37 PM:
Whatever makes him look like 'the chosen one' will be what President Obama will do!
cutie122403 - 5/20/10 @ 10:23 PM:
Couldn't agree with you more Olivia! It's sick that people hold him so high as if he is a "Godly" figure.

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mama kaz - 4/27/10 @ 3:58 PM:
I have never seen a president who puts himself in the spotlight like this one. If he could only see how foolish he sounds without his teleprompter maybe he would stop. Unfortunately he just keeps putting himself out there and its disturbing. Does he really think he's going to change public opinion by being everywhere all the time. Obama, do us all a favor and stay home and read some of the legislation you're pushing through
LIBERAL - 4/27/10 @ 11:08 PM: Ally | Side A
With or without his prompter President Obama sounds fine. He certainly does not sound foolish as you would like. If there were ever a President who should have had a teleprompter everywhere he went it would have been Bush. He could hardly find a coherent sentence without a spotlight and both hands! And NO President, regardless of party affiliation really has the choice for "putting himself out there". It comes with the territory. He is the President of the United States. Privacy is not an option. And why would a man you believe is that arrogant care about something like a public opinion? And the statement that Obama should stay home and read some of the legislation he's pushing through is utterly ridiculous. Name a single president that has truly ever read any of the legislation they've passed, or for that matter any of the senators or representatives who helped pass it themselves. It's a ridiculous statement. I would challenge you to prove that Bush has ever done this, but we both know that would require the ability to read above a fifth grade level!

As for the general posting of this rivalry altogether it is simply absurd. Every American President since Harry Truman has sought the council of Billy Graham or taken their picture with him. And almost all of these instances were nothing more than a photo opportunity. Here's a bit of Presidential trivia.

How many men have served as President of the United States?

(Answer: 43 Grover Cleveland served as President of the United States twice. Two non-consecutive terms. 22nd and 24th)

How many Presidents were affiliated with the Baptist religion?

(Answer: 4)

Draw your own conclusion!
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