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Who is the better hero? Captain America or Superman. Man of steel or the man of red, white, and blue?


Posted by in Entertainment / Other on 12/06/08

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Ziva - 5/20/10 @ 1:18 AM:
Superman is the ultimate superhero. Not only does he beat Captain America but he beats all superheroes everywhere.

Nothing I can say will sum it up better than this Wonder Woman quote:

WW: Kal-El, the only thing that matters is that S. When someone sees that symbol they know they're going to be okay, because you are there. No hero, new or old, could ever be what you are, to us, to them, to the whole world. There will never be another Superman.

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Jeff - 12/7/08 @ 5:21 PM:
Seems someone I know told me about liking superman wonder who thast might have been? (Was your dad) lol
The Boss - 12/11/08 @ 9:42 PM: Rival | Side B
lol, I can't deny it. My best friend Todd and I would dress up as Superman every day when we were kids.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 12/6/08 @ 5:07 PM:
Seeing how I used to dress up like Superman on a daily basis as a kid I have to side with the man of steel. Just keep the kryptonite away from me.

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Jeff - 12/6/08 @ 10:45 AM:
I love superman but to me Cap will always be the better hero
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