Dolly Parton's Commencement

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Barack Obama's Commencement

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Which commencement speech impressed you more? Watch both of them. You might be surprised.


Posted by in Other / Education on 5/17/09
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DollyFan - 5/21/09 @ 8:13 PM:
I believe that the two clips shown here do not portray equal moments of speech. Dolly's clip shows her whole speech, which was awesome! Obama's basically only showed him warming up the audience by saying thanks for having me and showing some humor. His clip doesn't really show the context of his speech. If I base my vote on just the clips presented, I would definitely have to say Dolly's speech is better.

She has never forgotten her humble beginnings or her hometown. She takes pride in not jugding others (as she says....Yes, gays should be allowed to get married. They should be able to suffer with the rest of us!), showing care and concern for others (providing jobs, providing books to children though her Imagination Library, raising funds for a special wing in her hometown hospital, etc.) She has a huge heart!

She also knows that to reach your dreams...YOU must do the work and not rely on others. Dreams can come true but take a lot of work, determination and persistence. And a little bit of luck.

Dolly is just a well rounded down to earth person!

Yes, she may have won Grammy's and many other music awards. She may have been nominated for Tony Awards and Oscars. That is all because of her hard work, wonderful song writing skills, beautiful voice and what not. But she still knows that what matters in the end is how you treated people and what kind of compassion you showed for others. We'll all remember that she had all the other talents but in the long run she'll be remembered for who she was as a person!
The Boss - 5/21/09 @ 8:28 PM: Ally | Side A
Unfortunately Youtube now sets 10 minutes limits to videos uploaded. The second clip should be directly available after watching the first one through a related videos section.

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Ripi - 5/20/09 @ 8:32 PM:
Dolly ! said a mouthful ! Obama, it was 7min in before he almost said something of any consequence....i couldn't even watch the rest.

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The Boss - 5/19/09 @ 6:47 AM:
I'll tell you what bothers me most about this comparison. A giddy country music star that's received a bit too much plastic surgery has a far better outlook/perspective on what college graduates have accomplished as well as what responsibilities and challenges they will face.

We have a president who believes after working your ass off for four plus years hasn't earned you the opportunity to put your degree to use to benefit you and your family. He seems to believe you are blessed or lucky to have received a degree and feels you should now thank society by helping others before yourself.

I've only been able to attain my Associates degree but I can tell you College isn't easy and I'll be damned if I feel as I owe society something. I owe myself something, I owe my family something for being there for me as I finished my degree all while starting a business (You're on it now), working full-time, attempting to help around the house, and helping countless family members with their cars and computers.

This commencement speech by Obama really disgusted me as does his arrogance on a daily basis. I love how the teleprompters raised from the ashes of the earth just for Obama. They weren't up for his introduction. Cutie is right, Dolly spoke from her heart and Obama spoke from his political agenda. God help this country because a socialist is truly running it. What have you all done?

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J - 5/18/09 @ 11:14 PM:
Dolly to me has always been a dreamer. She came from nothing and remembers and knows exactly what it's like. She is very inspirational and always speaks from her heart. To see her in person, you see what dreams she had and she is thankful everyday for what she has.

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cutie122403 - 5/17/09 @ 11:54 PM:
This is a given. Without a teleprompter he is a babbling idiot. I also enjoyed what she said about Dreams and Wishes. Oh so true.

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mama kaz - 5/17/09 @ 9:36 PM:
They couldn't have been more opposite. Dolly talked of personal responsibility and how dreams are only possible if you are willing to work hard to achieve them. Obama's speech was all about letting the government taking care of everyone. Of course this is only possible when the government takes from the hardest working people and gives it to those who sit around waiting for hand outs. What kind of commencement speech is that? I'm starting a business but I'm scared to death that after all my hard work I may have very little to show for it after I pay my taxes. I don't mind paying my fair share if everyone else is paying theirs but that is not happening. That's not selfish, it's unfair.

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The Boss - 5/17/09 @ 7:31 PM:
I was pleasantly surprised with Dolly's message. (Especially when she spoke of the difference between dreams and wishes. Starting at 5 minutes into it)

For all of you who claim Mr. Obama isn't a Socialist. I strongly suggest you listen to his message in contrast to Dolly's.

For those who'd like to see all of Obama's speech. Here is the clips that follow the one linked above.

[link][/link] – part 2
[link][/link] – part 3
[link][/link] – part 4
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