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Bottle Feeding

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Do you think Bottle Feeding or Breastfeeding is more beneficial to baby and mom?


Posted by in Health / Other on 1/18/11

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TNinfidel - 1/24/11 @ 5:26 PM:
Durrrrrr.... Yay for boobies!

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mama kaz - 1/19/11 @ 8:50 AM:
Breast feeding is better in every way. I loved the fact that I never had to clean bottles or mix formula. It also forces you to stop and spend some very precious time with your baby throughout your busy day. It also gives your baby the best start possible.

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cutie122403 - 1/18/11 @ 8:21 PM:
Breastfeeding is definitely more beneficial to baby and mom. There are SO many reasons why breastfeeding is better and plus what women wouldn't want to burn 700 calories a day doing nothing! It is EXTREMELY demanding but well worth it.
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