Blame Obama for all the wrong reasons

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Blame Obama for all the right reasons

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Why do conservatives have the right to be so upset with Obama for all he's actually achieved, when I'm still so upset for everything he hasn't ?

Posted by in Politics / Other on 5/22/13
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Olivia Newton - 3/31/14 @ 11:08 AM:
I don't know what he has done that IS positive except given the free-loaders more entitlements. Our economy is still in the sewer, prices of everything have risen significantly, he's weak, he's not honest and he is a Socialist. I could go on and on, but I don't have enough space!

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Tim Donk - 5/24/13 @ 8:51 PM:
Not a huge political buff, but I see things getting better in my life (the ultimate metric for me)Seems like all the "Numbers" they were busting his balls over are going in the right direction so they latch on to these @!#!@@@? issues, and by "They" I mean Fox News.

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LIBERAL - 5/22/13 @ 9:31 PM:
I know conservatives are all in an uproar about Obama's healthcare plan, sequestration, Benghazi, umbrellagate, and the IRS, but why do they get to be so upset over such ridiculous and manufactured stories and conspiracies when I'm still so upset over events and circumstances that actually matter?

Why is Gitmo still open? That *#@$ should have been closed years ago!!! Veterans files cannot be found in order to issue benefits they damn well deserve!! They've had arms and legs blown off, burns over the majority of their bodies, PTSD, and one would think they should be able to have access to the care they need once they get home, but instead they have to wait months or years because PAPER files have to be rummaged through like some 1940's librarian!!! Do we not have the friggin' technology to create an electronic database for something this important?

Why are drones killing American citizens on any soil? Yes, they might have killed a possible Al Qaeda operative, but how does that explain any justification for the death of any other American, whether on foreign soil or not? STOP with the use of drones!!! We're better than that.

So, once again. Why does the conservative wing deserve the right to be mad or upset over the few accomplishments I would praise Obama for, yet I feel totally alone in my utter disgust over the promises he has yet to keep, or actions I consider to be absolutely deplorable? What the hell is wrong with this country? Has no one ever heard of priorities? Or common sense?
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