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In the first ever Gay Pride reception at the white house a couple of gay activists took it upon themselves to give the late president Ronald Reagan the bird (middle finger). Does this represent the behavior of the Gay and Lesbian community?


Posted by in Politics / Other on 6/23/12
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DollyFan - 7/9/12 @ 10:16 AM:
Haven't been on here in a whole but just saw your comment, Ryan. Had to see what is meant by "my personal opinion of the gay and lesbian community Isis they are a bit out there with their parades and such"? Just need clarification to see what you meant by that. Oh, and this situation with giving Reagan the finger, is obviously an individual act. A gay person does this, so all gays would show disrespect? One straight says gays shouldn't be able to marry but I would never say that means that that straight represents all straights. That's just ludicrous! I know gays and straights who would show disrespect and I know gays and straights who would not. It's that simple. Don't know why do many peoria want to lump groups of people together just because of what an individual will do.
The Boss - 7/9/12 @ 6:32 PM: Ally | Side B

I think these photos should cover it. ;) I really didn't mean it much beyond the gay and lesbian community from from a straight guys perspective is a bit out there(different and obviously so). Thinking about it a bit I could go much deeper but from the intention within the original comment that should cover it.
The Boss - 7/9/12 @ 6:39 PM: Ally | Side B
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DollyFan - 8/2/12 @ 5:12 AM: Ally | Side B
Ryan, all I can say is, yes there may be some who dress a little differently for gay pride but think of it this way......if you have been called names, been picked on, not been given equal rights, etc. for your entire life and finally get to a point where you accept who you are.....then you might do something a little bizarre, too. Now, after 43 years of dealing with that kind of crap, I still don't dress like those in the pictures of the links but I have higher standards for myself that to ba almost naked in public. There are plenty of straight people who do that kind of thing, too. I'm not judging the gays or the straights who do, as it's their choice but it's not for me. I hope that was all your comment was concerning and that you were not mocking Gay Pride. Again, when you have to fight discrimination throughout your whole life, Pride events can help you feel "normal" and accepted, if only for a day. Hiding your true identity and feelings when out in public is no fun. Imagine not being able to hold Crystal's hand in public. Imagine not being able to give Crystal a hello kiss when you meet her somewhere in public. Imagine not being able to give Crystal a wink or a hug when out in public. Not a good feeling to not be able to be yourself for fear of a hate crime happening to you.

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LIBERAL - 6/23/12 @ 12:16 PM:
While I believe Reagan's policies were far more liberal than most conservatives of today would ever admit or like I never cared much for most of his presidency. I absolutely despised the eight years of Bush Jr. That being said, this was just simply childish and disrespectful. A president is still a president and one should have acted with a little more decorum than this. I would never have behaved in such a way no matter how I feel about any particular president. I find it humorous though that this made a rivalry while the actions of the reporter Neil Munro during the speech of a live president have not even been mentioned. Idiots show disrespect on both sides all the time. It does not necessarily mean it represents an entire party or people, only the behavior of that particular person. I didn't blame the entire conservative nation for the outburst of one moron. I blamed that idiot. The same can be said here.
The Boss - 6/23/12 @ 1:00 PM: Ally | Side B
Honestly, I hadn't even heard about the outburst you referred to. As always, feel free to start a rivalry on it. :) When I find time in between chasing little miss Rachael around I do a quick search on the news at the time and attempt to get something current on. I must have just missed the news cycle that contained the incident you referred to. I have no issue with calling into question people of all persuasions.

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Sarah Forester - 6/23/12 @ 8:22 AM:
I would like to think that this behavior would be an embarrassment to the gays that I know.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 6/23/12 @ 8:06 AM:
My personal opinion of the Gay and Lesbian community is that they are a bit out there with their parades and such but there is no way this reflects the majority of the community. This is simply a couple *@$*?#?! that obviously didn't think their actions through.

Let me put it this way, I can't stand our current President, I actually despise a majority of what he believes in but if invited to the white house for whatever reason I would carry myself with class and damn well not pose for childish photos in front of dead or living presidents.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 6/23/12 @ 7:57 AM:
Make sure to visit the links on both images as the images belong to them. (Click on image)
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