I’d Support a Forced Budget Amendment

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No Way. Don’t Modify the Constitution

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Many are expecting the Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives along with gains in the Senate so I’d say it’s a safe bet to believe a Constitutional Amendment to force a balanced budget may come up. Would you support it?


Posted by in Politics / News on 11/01/10

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mama kaz - 11/29/10 @ 11:52 AM:
We better do something drastic or we won't need the constitution much longer because we will be the US of China.

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Jeff - 11/2/10 @ 8:32 PM:
I like the saying "The Best goverment is the one that govern's least" but sometime you have to roll with the punches and this is just another punch and as Olivia put it "Hope for the best"

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Olivia Newton - 11/1/10 @ 3:57 PM:
While I am against new government control, this is one area where it is apparent that congress won't do anything to eliminate useless spending unless the thumb screws are applied. Perhaps things will change for the better. All we can do is vote tomorrow and hope for the best.
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